World Marketing Summit Tokyo 2017

Brought together by the ambition to achieve a better world through marketing, 8 distinguished speakers will meet to discuss marketing in relation to society and business. Building on the success of the previous three summits, the World Marketing Summit will be held again this year in Tokyo.

World Marketing Summit Tokyo 2017
〜 Transformation through Innovation 〜

Date December 8, 2017
Place Sasakawa Hall
3-12-12 Mita, Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0073, Japan (5 minutes walk from Sengakuji station)
Capacity 700 seats (Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Please book quickly.)
Registration Fee JPY30,000 plus tax
Description World Marketing Summit was founded in 2011 by Professor Philip Kotler: the Father of Modern Marketing. As one of the most prestigious platforms for marketing professionals, World Marketing Summit aims at initiating global movements through marketing strategies that change human behavior leading to a positive impact on society for future generations. In our new world of innovation and disruption without precedents, 'What is the New Role of Marketing?'




Showcase your organization as a trend setter by implementing innovative marketing tools

1. Discover techniques on how to increase your market share and achieve better bottom-line results
2. Learn from world renowned marketing gurus who will help you make better decisions
3. Find out how your peers position their brands in today’s disruptive ecosystem
4. Gain an insight into how best can you deliver to your customers
5. Benefit by networking at one of Japan’s most prestigious marketing summits
6. Don’t miss the chance to personally interact with and learn from some of the greatest minds in Marketing!


Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese <-> English ) and lunch (bento) is provided.
TO APPLY or for further information, please email

10:00-10:10 00:10 Opening remark
by Mr. Takuya Goto, President, Japan Marketing Association
10:10-10:30 00:20 Philip Kotler
Keynote by Prof. Philip Kotler
10:30-11:10 00:40 Theme 1:
Shigetaka Komori

 Presentation by Mr. Shigetaka Komori, Fuji Film
11:10-11:50 00:40 Theme 2:
Howard Tullman

 Presentation by Mr. Howard Tullman, 1871
11:50-12:35 00:45 Lunch Break
12:35-13:15 1:30 Theme 3:
Salvador Lopez

 Presentation by Prof. Salvador Lopez, ESADE
13:15-13:55 00:40 Theme 4:
Akie Iriyama

 Presentation by Prof. Akie Iriyama, Waseda Business School
13:55-14:05 00:10 Break
14:05-14:45 00:40 Theme 5:
Rob Wolcott

 Presentation by Dr. Robert Wolcott, KIN
14:45-15:25 00:40 Theme 6:
Ko Ishiyama

 Presentation by Mr. Ko Ishiyama, ExaWizards Inc.
15:25-16:05 00:40 Panel Discussion:
Howard Tullman Ko Ishiyama Rob Wolcott

 Discussion between Mr. Howard Tullman & Mr. Ko Ishiyama
 moderated by Dr. Robert Wolcott, KIN
16:05-16:15 00:10 Break
16:15-17:00 00:45 Theme 7:
Kohzoh Takaoka

 Presentation by Mr. Kohzoh Takaoka, Nestle Japan
17:00-17:50 00:40 Panel Discussion: Transformation Through Innovation
Philip Kotler Kohzoh Takaoka Naoshi Takatsu

 Discussion between Prof. Philip Kotler and Mr. Kohzoh Takaoka
 moderated by Mr. Naoshi Takatsu, IMD
17:50-18:00 0:10 Closing

* Program and speakers are subject to change.
* Some presentations by Japanese speakers will be in Japanese. Simultaneous English translation will be available.